Current Work
Casino Lobby
My work at Intouch Games has mostly consisted of managing a team of developers and working as a build engineer for iOS and Android deployment.
In addition to these duties I was responsible for the lobby project. This section was included in every game that was deployed. The system was written in Unity, had strong server interaction and multiple plugins with both native Android and iOS code.
The lobby controls deposits, withdrawals, referring friends, viewing bonus content, user management and other account management facilities.
In addition to the scene structure and code for the lobby I also created many developer tools. Included is an advanced update utility that allowed the development team to update the lobby and other common code directly through the editor from the SVN repository on a release-branch system.
This lobby can be found in any game release by the mFortune or PocketWin casinos.
Previous Work
Queen: Play the Game
My most recent project at Soshi Games was as the lead developer on Queen: Play the Game. This is a spiritual successor of Clue the Music, but tailored specifically to Queen.
The game is created for iOS and Android, with plans for Windows Phone in the future, using the Unity engine. Similarly to Clue the Music the game is created primarily in C# with supporting plugins in the platforms native languages.
While there is some server side code, written in PHP, it is not used directly by the client, but is used by the editor to "pack" data into the games binary before a build.
The game is currently available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Clue the Music!
I was previously working at Soshi Games as the lead developer of the game Clue The Music. Clue The Music is a music trivia game created in Unity and is available on iOS, Android and Facebook.
The games client is primarily made up of C#, though the mobile versions use plugins created in objC and Java. The Facebook version uses Javascript to interface with the web browser, instead of using plugins. I have also worked on some of the server side code and web tools in PHP, though the bulk of the server code is done by another programmer.
Dark Matter
Before I started work at Soshi Games I worked on a game for Xbox LIVE called Dark Matter. The game is a basic puzzle game built on a custom made tile engine. The player controls a small space ship were the objective is to collect the dark matter at the end of each level. To do this the player must overcome various obstacles of increasing difficulty.
Dark Matter was created independently by myself to begin with as a side project. Once the game was nearing completion I invited others to help with the games level design. As I was busying myself with bug fixes I created a simple level editor to aid in design. This included a direct export to the game, including a tile linking system for minimal programmer interaction.
Music Festivals Game
Music Festivals is a simulation game created in Flash and AS3 for Facebook. The player creates a music festival and books gigs using real music streamed from 7Digital.
This was the first project I worked on at Soshi Games. My main role became to maintain the user interface system that I created for the game. I also managed the tutorial and performed general code maintenance before moving onto Clue the Music.